MessyHot now featuring slime

Since inception, MessyHot has been the go-to source for the most amazing cakeporn around. Ok… Maybe I’m the only guy making cake porn on a continual basis… Anyway, a little while back, a customer asked if I would be wiling to film a slime video for him. I took on the challenge, sourced some slime ingredients, and got to work. The results have actually been pretty fantastic. I’ll drop a few preview pictures here. Don’t forget you can go to to buy the full photo and video sets and use the code MHWEB15 at checkout for 15% off because you came in through the main site. That can be combined with the still going buy-3-get-1-free clip sale! And because MessyHot has deep roots in the rave scene, it would only be logical that we do lots of uv reactive black light slime! It took a lot of thinking to come to the conclusion that yes, slime will definitely be a welcome addition to the MessyHot repertoire. I will never abandon cake as the primary vector of messy expression, but the fans have spoken and it looks like gunge is here to stay!