MessyHot and the Lingerieve experience

There’s a vintage description for a fellow with a bunch of jobs or responsibilities which I’ve always enjoyed. He’s often referred to as “a man who wears many hats.” As much as it applies to me, the fact that I hate wearing hats because they cover my head tattoos keeps me from using it. Something some of you may not know about me is that, in addition to producing some fabulous sploshing and WAM content, I am also an IT professional and rave promoter, having thrown my very first in 2007. That was the year of the very first Lingerieve, making 2018’s event Lingerieve 12.

There were many things that made this year’s Lingerieve rank among my favorites of the events I’ve put on, but I’ll try and sum it all up. It may be an over repeated trope, but in the end, it is really all about the music, and Lady Faith absolutely DESTROYED with one of the most energetic hardstyle sets I have had the privilege to behold.  Dark Mark was another stand-out of the night, giving every bit of energy possible to show exactly why he has earned a spot on so many of my lineups. Mangled  (the duo consisting of Maromi and Jangles) also presented quite the memorable set, keeping the energy levels high, while maintaining the sexy feel of the event.

One critical factor in the night’s success, was the support provided by MyFreeCams. Thanks to their kindness, a majority of our audience was treated to bags filled with all kinds of amazing swag, including: slippers, lighters, keychains, bottle openers, mini vibrators, tank tops, panties, and a WHOLE LOT MORE. My phone was buzzing for days afterwards with messages expressing how awesome it was to have so many unexpected treats included with their admission. Giving my attendees a better experience than any other promoter can is one of my driving ambitions, and my ability to do so was enhanced by the magazine giveaways by AltStar Magazine which is the magazine of and  Blue Blood coming out to provide photographic press coverage for the event.


I did my best to pause, catch my breath, and immerse myself in the experience from time to time, but as the promoter guy, my time surplus was at an absolute minimum.  As a photographer, it’s super hard for me to be at an event, and resist the urge to document it, but I simply didn’t have the time while also handling my promoter duties. That being said, I’ll leave you with the a few photos that I did manage to capture, along with the wrap up video. I really hope to see you all at my next event!