MessyHot nominated for best photographer at AltStar awards

I’m honored to be nominated again for Best Photographer at the awards show in Las Vegas. Every vote for Clix (MessyHot) is highly appreciated. You can vote daily until the show! It was an honor to be inducted into their hall of fame alongside my dear friend Proxy Paige last year. There are still tickets available to the AltStar Awards and Expo June 7,8,9. If you are an award nominee or purchase a VIP ticket, you will get a swag bag containing the newest MessyHot fragrance drop and stickers along with lots of other industry goodies!

I will be taking limited bookings for photo shoots and collaborations while I’m in Las Vegas. I arrive Thursday night June 7 and will be in town through the morning of June 10. Get ahold of me via DM on Instagram or Twitter

MessyHot aboard FriendShip 2024

There’s a decent chance if you’re seeing this, that you ran into me on the 2024 sailing of FriendShip to Belize. I brought some extra goodies to give away to ship fam this year! There are the two newest sticker designs which include oil slick hologram and sparkle hologram backgrounds. I am also giving out samples of the messyhot cereal scented perfume. Keep eyes here for the photo gallery from this year’s ship too. In the meanwhile, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

New MessyHot fragrance line

I have released a new line of MessyHot signature fragrances. Currently the lineup features a perfume oil body spray that smell like birthday cake, and one that smells exactly like fruit loops cereal. It is almost eery how precisely these scents have been replicated. Now all you fans of cake erotica can smell like your favorite substance at any time you choose! They will be available in the MessyHot etsy store soon as well as through some other retail channels, but the first batch is being given away in the VIP swag bags at the AltPorn Awards show in Hollywood tonight! Keep an eye out here, as well as MessyHot Twitter or the other social media outlets for information on upcoming photo/video sets as well as more t-shirts and other sploshing merch!

MessyHot is now on TikTok

I resisted for as long as I could, but in the interest of marketing as broadly as possible, I have created a TikTok account. Please consider giving a follow there as well as my other social accounts. is the link to the profile. I’m still leaning the ins and outs of the platform, but I’m beginning to grasp it. MessyHot is now on TikTok, despite my not being a fan of most social media. I’ve complained at length before about vertical video being the bane of my existence, and now I’m producing them. I am however, only producing non-landscape videos begrudgingly.

TikTok as a platform is almost as, if not more puritanical than Instagram. I’ll have to be very careful about the content I release with this in mind. Even just bikini stuff can sometimes catch the ire of the censors. Content-wise, I caught myself starting out with more slime clips despite MessyHot being best known for cake. I think that’s because of the composition that vertical video is best suited for. I’m going to have to keep that in mind during future shoots, and make sure I make some cake clips that fit the vertical format.

MessyHot is now on tiktok

MessyHot on TV again

Today, Nov 2, MessyHot will be featured on The Doctors, along with Larzstord. It’s wild to think that my art project is now going to be featured on a nationally syndicated program. Check your local listings! I’ve been working on a much needed overhaul to the website so that I can stop focusing on the social pages (Instagram / Twitter) so much and do more work with something that’s completely under my control. Don’t forget, if you’re over 18 you can purchase all of my photos and videos at The MessyHot Download Store.

Photos from FriendShip 2020

If you were aboard FriendShip and happened to grab one of the cards that Mamo or myself handed out, then there’s a chance you’ll show up in the gallery here. I’ve had so much non-cake life related stuff going on that I’ve been in a never ending game of catch up. I guess that’s what happens when you decide that you need to be cake porn producer in addition to being a Linux admin, as well an event thrower.

The second sailing of FriendShip was everything I had hoped it would be. I was reminded of the amazing vibes present on the very first Holy Ship. Gary has done an amazing job of treating shippers to a vacation filled with amazing experiences and perfect vibes. I have to admit, I wish the lineups would be a little bit more diverse musically, but I understand that to sell staterooms you have to cater to the mainstream a great deal. I know that it’s entirely unlikely, but I am still holding out faith that one day we will have Happy Hardcore on ship! You are missing out if you’ve never been on a cruise that is also a rave. I’ve been on a normal cruise in the past, and now having experienced what Destructo has created, I can’t imagine being able to do so again. I’ll make an effort to do a more detailed recap eventually, but for now, it’s off to the land of post-production for this photographer!

Tribute to the silent film era

A fan of my work had suggested that I should look to the slapstick silent film era for inspiration. I definitely have some fond memories of watching the three stooges shorts. I also feel a strong emotional pull from ragtime piano and Charlie Chaplin films. The obvious solution to a problem that probably didn’t exist, was to ask Mitomoro to produce a track that was a hybrid of 1990’s era happy hardcore with ragtime piano while I got to work on making a messy video. The resulting work was greater than I could have anticipated. This happy hardcore ragtime silent film is definitely the current messyhot masterpiece!

The models Honey Heptane, Stevie Mae, and Adore were able to stretch their acting legs and with this assignment. Originally utilized to deal with the shortcomings of the medium that was silent film, overacting was used to great effect with this release. You will be delighted with a load of slime and plenty of pie to the face action.

I have released the SFW content on YouTube as the music video for the track, and for those with a taste for nudity with their mess, CLICK TO BUY THE FULL NSFW VERSION!

Check out MessyHot on Epix!

There’s been a LOT going on in the MessyHot world lately. Things are tough when you juggle 4 jobs. One of the AMAZING things is that the work I did with Lum caught the eyes of a documentary series called “Sex Life” on epix! Season 1 Episode 6: Sugar High features the adventures of Clix and Lum as we shoot a cake scene on the rooftops of Los Angeles. If you have cable service with on demand you can watch it there, or you can use the Epix NOW app and watch it on any of your connected devices! 2019 has been an amazing year for MessyHot so far and it just looks to be getting better!

Vote for MessyHot at the AltPorn awards

The nominations are in and its official – MessyHot has been nominated for two awards this year! The votes are largely determined by voting and so I now ask for help from all of the MessyHot fans. Click Here to vote for Best BEST CLIP ARTIST and Click Here to vote for Best Rave Shoot. You can vote once a day so here’s your chance to make a HUGE difference in the future of MessyHot. Last year Lum and I won best rave shoot. It would be amazing to lock up a second year in a row of awards. Consider this my request for assistance. If MessyHot wins one, or even better BOTH of the awards, I’ll figure some super special give-aways to make it worth your while for having voted. Im thinking maybe I’ll release a couple of sets for free. In other news, this past weekend Bubble Bobble 11: The quest for more foam went amazingly this past weekend. There were live performances by Lum, Honey Luv, Daizy Cooper, and Zaturn. Stay on the lookout here for photos and videos.