MessyHot took a hiatus and I’m very sorry

Hey guys. I just want to apologize for letting MessyHot take a backseat to life for a little while. The long and short of it is I threw myself headlong into studying and learning and picked up a new day job which occupied a great deal of my time and was involved in production for a couple of side projects which also ate up some of my creative juices. Over the years the MessyHot cakeporn project has had so many starts and stops but all of the fans that have kept up and supported, I definitely appreciate!  I’ve done some amazing shoots over the last week or two and have a couple of more amazing ones lined  up! The fusion of electronic music and cake will definitely continue.

Image gallery coming soon

Those of you that are familiar with my cake and sploshing art will be happy to know that I’m in the process of configuring and populating image galleries. MessyHot has been one of my primary artistic outlets for nearly the last decade, so it will take a little while to decide how it’s going to be organized. Make sure you keep checking back because as I get the updates going, I will be filling in with some teasers. I’ve decided on the NextGen gallery plugin. It seems pretty easy to configure and should do well. In the meanwhile enjoy this shot:

My good friend Bratty Bella came by to do a birthday shoot with me, and we came away with some FABULOUS images. The way her panties cling just below her knees and the colors pop is beautiful. I always enjoy shooting with her because our chemistry on set is perfect.  You can visit MessyHot on UMD if you’d like to download the full video/photo set. All clips on UMD are currently buy-3-get-1-free too!

Check out sploshing videos on youtube

Did you know that MessyHot has its own Youtube channel? If you like Sploshing, wam, wet and messy, and gunge content you should definitely check it out!  visit: The MessyHot YouTube channel when you have a moment. Of course if you’d subscribe to my channel and hit a couple of likes I’d super appreciate it! If you want the NON-nsfw content, of course hitting up MessyHot on UMD will get you access to the high-res photo and video downloads! I’ll always update here when a new youtube video is available but because they rely on censorship so heavily, you’ll likely see more UMD uploads.  Sometimes I’ll edit a video to keep it SFW and upload it to youtube however, so it’s worth subscribing to our channel! Plus youtube is free 🙂 If there’s anything you’d like to see me film specifically for YouTube please feel free to comment here or on my youtube posts and let me know, or email me directly and I’ll see what I can do.  Some of the most popular content seems to be messy wedgies right now, so I’ll keep on filming those, but if there’s anything else you guys would find more compelling, don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll do my best to fulfill your desires! I do my best to always provide the best sploshing content I possibly can, but I can only do so when I know exactly what it is that my followers / viewers want, so please don’t feel ashamed to submit suggestions, as MessyHot can only be as good as its fans will let it be! Also please keep in mind that YouTube will only allow content that has been censored or filtered to disallow nudity, so if you do have suggestions, indicate whether it’s something that can be done within their censorship guidelines or something that can be done in our paid membership/download sections.

MessyHot is on the way

After having the Tumblr presence as the main landing point for MessyHot for years, I’ve decided to take things in-house and give the main site its own platform that I have more fine control over. Of course I’ll still maintain all of the other social media presences, but this will be the primary source for news, updates, and everything else MessyHot related.

Currently there are two main options to buy MessyHot material:
1) MessyHot at UMD – The current preferred option, your purchase includes video clips AND high res images
2) MessyHot on ManyVids – On ManyVids you can stream or download the clips, plus some of our physical merchandise is on sale there. You can also get a “subscription” which allows you access to all of the scenes on MV for one price.