Vote for MessyHot at the AltPorn awards

The nominations are in and its official – MessyHot has been nominated for two awards this year! The votes are largely determined by voting and so I now ask for help from all of the MessyHot fans. Click Here to vote for Best BEST CLIP ARTIST and Click Here to vote for Best Rave Shoot. You can vote once a day so here’s your chance to make a HUGE difference in the future of MessyHot. Last year Lum and I won best rave shoot. It would be amazing to lock up a second year in a row of awards. Consider this my request for assistance. If MessyHot wins one, or even better BOTH of the awards, I’ll figure some super special give-aways to make it worth your while for having voted. Im thinking maybe I’ll release a couple of sets for free. In other news, this past weekend Bubble Bobble 11: The quest for more foam went amazingly this past weekend. There were live performances by Lum, Honey Luv, Daizy Cooper, and Zaturn. Stay on the lookout here for photos and videos.

MessyHot at the awards

MessyHot is nominated for “Best raver shoot”  for a set that I did with Lum!  I’m in LA now and am going to be at the award party. It’s amazing to have MessyHot recognized in such a way.  I’m excited to even be in the running. I’ve felt a little bit of a disconnect from the rest of the adult industry because what I do isn’t extremely pornographic most often. A bit of a distance also exists  between MessyHot and your standard sploshing fare.  There’s not a great deal of representation of the raver or other alt-looks in the sploshing genre, nor do I always deliver a “destroyed” model at the end of the scene.  Despite these differences, MessyHot was still picked out to stand among some awesome producers and contenders, and for that I’m honored. It’s been tough to juggle a 40+ hour “grown up job”, throwing raves, and doing photo and video production work for many of the models’ other endeavors.. But a weekend like this clues me in that it’s all going to have been worth it!  You can purchase the set that was nominated via MessyHot on UMD.  The first 7 people can use the code mhapn40 at check out for 40% off the photo/video set!